Family Reunification Services

A broad array of services targeted to provide supportive, intensive intervention in an effort to assist families which have been separated due to the placement of the child(ren) in foster care. The program combines parent education, therapeutic visitation and coordination with other required services within a facilitated treatment team approach towards family reunification. Parents work from an individualized curriculum and are expected to complete challenge assignments in between sessions, The development of effective communication skills and appropriate boundaries within familial relationships are primary focuses of this program. Family Reunification Services provide an opportunity for an ongoing, independent assessment of parental skills application, implementation and generalization. As such, data collected through this program often provides helpful information to assist DSS Agencies and the Courts with respect to case planning. Prior to the inception of visitation services the Agency will conduct an assessment which outlines recommendations specific to each case. Individual Service Plans may include:

  • ¬†Intensive Parent Training
  • ¬†Therapeutic Visitation
  • ¬†Coordination With Other Required Service Providers